It’s one thing to know a fact – but often times quite another to understand it. Sometimes it takes a while to sink in. Sometimes we just choose to ignore the situation in light of the facts. We can – in effect – choose to listen to another story. A story that we would prefer to hear. One that accords with our own world view.

Sometimes. Just sometimes, we need to see something to believe it. Sometimes the facts need to be laid out before us in a way that shows a situation in its broadest as well as most specific context.

So I was interested to see this infographic from SocialCast.on the Techi website. It shows, as I have said before, that we need more women in technology companies. But this is not just about gender – it’s about performance – especially for startups. Not only are the high-tech companies that  women build more capital-efficient than the norm (with higher revenues and less committed capital), there are fewer failures. And that is a good thing for us all.


Nina Nets It Out: We all absorb facts in different ways. Some of us absorb knowledge through stories, others through deep reading, and others visually. The infographic above clearly shows that while 2010 marked a change in the nature of our demographic data – with women making up the majority of the workforce – we still have a way to go before we have that level of participation in the high tech sector.