I am not alone in writing about the lack of women in technology-based leadership roles. But often, the focus of such posts is on the startup sector – on the web based businesses that gain a large share of the popular press. Yet this is a more widespread issue – it’s not just technology industries where women are noticeably absent – almost all other industries tell the same story.

Partly this is a problem of prominence, partly a problem of support. Yet, as Don Dodge points out, there are plenty of outstanding women leaders for us to follow as role models. Here is a list of smart women leaders on Twitter. Where possible I have added their blogs.

Go beyond the obvious, read their tweets, see what they are thinking about. Read their websites and take a look at the topics, the challenges and the opportunities  that face us all.

Nina Nets it Out: These days you don’t need to look far to find the great thinking, analysis and approaches of women leaders. Here is a list of great blogs to read and interesting Twitter conversations to follow.