Love it or hate it – there is no way around it.

Once you start working with a team you are going to experience “office politics”. And for leaders at any stage of their career, learning to deal with office politics is vital. In fact, it can determine whether you are successful in your career or not.

Recently I was interviewed by Women’s Leadership Coach, Jo Miller on the subject of office politics. Over on Jo’s blog, February is “office politics month”, so there is plenty of useful information and insight and a range of viewpoints on this controversial topic.

In my interview, I fielded a number of questions from Jo’s readers. Here are a couple of extracts – but be sure to read the whole article.

QUESTION: Do you feel you MUST engage in office politics in order to be considered successful? Jane, WA
NINA: Politics are a reality and one must not ignore them or do so at their own peril. I am not a fan of politics, but I have learned that ignoring them can have negative consequences. So, I do believe that we all must understand the nature of the politics within our respective companies and participate to the extent necessary.

QUESTION: Nina, what are some of the “rules of the game” that you have encountered? Shelley, TX and Kay, CA
NINA: I have encountered issues of being the only woman in the room, being younger than many of my colleagues, etc. but I have always kept my focus on delivering value and results. I believe, based on my experience, that outcomes matter the most. If you can deliver what is needed, gender, age and other things are less important.

Thank you Avard Woolaver via Compfight