This very interesting article from NY Times writer, Stephanie Rosenbloom, shows that a new generation of girls will radically transform the workplace. Think about this. The Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 35% of girls (against 20% of boys) write blogs with similar statistics for web pages. That means that by the time these girls come into the workforce — in the next 3-5 years — they will come with a depth of real experience. They will understand how to communicate. They will know how to manage a readership/audience. They will comprehend analytics and measurements. And they will be able to demonstrate a clear self-starting approach to their careers.

While these are not necessarily skills that will drive more girls into technology-related careers, the very fact that they are already engaged in these types of initiatives bodes well for the businesses that will employ them. And from where I sit, that makes it a win-win.