Blogging has been an interesting adventure, bringing me into contact with people and ideas that I may never have otherwise encountered. One such concept is the meme — where one blogger discloses some piece of information and then “tags” another, asking them to do the same. What this does is to reveal a little more about the blog author. I have been tagged by Dan McCarthy for a book meme and the rules are as follows:

  • List the books you are reading
  • Pick up the closest book to hand
  • Open to page 123
  • Find the 5th sentence
  • Post the next 3 sentences
  • Tag 5 more people

And here are my responses:

Books I am reading (or just finished reading):

I picked up the Age of Conversation, but there are not 123 pages! So on page 123 of Geoff Livingston’s Now is Gone, the quote is:

“Where social media really shines is creating relationships which are the first steps to customer acquisition and the reinforcement of customer retention”, said Diva Marketing blogger, Toby Bloomberg. “Taking an active role in creating a dialogue with customers about issues that they care about, at the moment in time when they care about those concerns, is the heart of new media marketing”.

Now, in the spirit of the meme, I tag the following people:

Anna Farmery —
Wally Bock —
Eric Pennington —
Penelope Trunk —
Scot Herrick —