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Tom Davenport writes a blog over at Harvard Business Online, called The Next Big Thing. His latest post talks about the Wall Street Journal’s Top 50 Business Gurus that I wrote about here, and responds to the criticism around the lack of women represented in the list. And while this list of “business intellectuals” has generated a number of responses, one of the most eloquent has been this one by Tammy Erikson. Rather than going around in a circle on this topic, Tammy makes a mental pivot and repositions the argument towards the future. Tammy suggests the new challenge for women is:

Reshaping our view of work, creating what my colleagues and I call a “next generation enterprise,” is important for women, for men – for innovation – for team work.

In transforming ourselves, we also transform the world around us. If, as a leader, you can demonstrate the power of shifting your own thinking, it provides the space and opportunity for your village to do the same. And once you tap into the power of that network, broader transformation becomes possible.

So perhaps “the next big thing” is not something “out there”. In fact, it may be staring at you in the mirror.

Nina Nets it Out: Changing your work environment is not something that you can expect from others. Leaders at every level of an organization must take responsibility for the future of their workplace. Don’t wait for the next big thing to come along – BE the next big thing.